Introduction of Fungi as carbon stores

How does the fungi’s role in the carbon cycle help the environment?


 The Kingdom Fungi includes some of the most important organisms, both in terms of their ecological and economic roles. Fungi are not plants, which encompasses an estimated 6 million species, including molds and yeasts.(Talbot Jennifer 2015)

Its role is break down dead organic material, and continue the cycle of nutrients through ecosystems, also the fungi play an important role in the storage and release of carbon from plants.(Stephen Ornes 2013

Plants use carbon dioxide and sunlight to make their own food and grow. The carbon becomes part of the plant. When plants die, the fungi break down the remains of dead plants, in doing so, release carbon dioxide through respiration. (Kathiann Kowalski 2014)

In the present essay to explain my topic about Fungi as carbon stores, I will use different methods such as tables, already verified data and a deep investigation where it helps me to explain how the fungi help with the absorption of carbon to the environment.

Alejandra Feijoo


Introduction of The Yasuni park should be a protected area free from oil explotation.

Yasuni for you, Flows the oil, bleeds the ground for the uncontrolled extraction. ( Anonymous,2015)

The Yasuni is one of the areas more biodiverse area in the world, which is provided with variety of the abundance and only flora and fauna that they need to be protected although the Yasuni is one of the areas with major petroleum reservation in south America. In this the importance or the attention takes root that the government and the world puts to the park yasuni for this reason, the natural reserve Yasuni has atched the attention from the Ecuadorian government dive to its economic interest and the whole world has also paid attention to what is happening in the park.
But in fact what we all should be interested in is to leap the oil in the found because it destroys the biodiversity, the ecosystems, the flora and fauna, and the life’s of the native people and their environmental, looking for alternatives of economic income for the country, it prevents from being exploited by petroleum or existing resources.
In the present essay I try to come to a solution to avoid the petroleum development and to look for alternative methods to generate resources for the country without damage being caused to the yasuni by means of surveys and investigating thoroughly especially the related to the yasuni without development and the benefits of earlier mentioned.

In this the importance or the attention takes root that the government and the world puts to the park yasuni