INTRODUCTION.- Negative effects of deforestation of the forests of the Amazon

Deforestation  are among the main components of global change  and both contribute to the rapid loss of tropical forest area with important implications for ecosystem functioning and biodiversity conservation. Deforestation has been directly linked to species extinctions  loss of ecosystem services , enhanced emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases , and changes in the structure and habitat quality of aquatic ecosystems.

The following research work is intended to give know the serious deforestation our nature, which have directly affected the human being, with the Indiscriminate cutting of existing trees on the site, which has contributed to the request of water sources, has been destroyed natural spaces that have long been the habitat of several species of animals.

For most of human history, deforestation in the Amazon was primarily the product of subsistence farmers who cut down trees to produce crops for their families and local consumption. But in the later part of the 20th century, that began to change, with an increasing proportion of deforestation driven by industrial activities and large-scale agriculture. By the 2000s more than three-quarters of forest clearing in the Amazon was for cattle-ranching.


The result of this shift is forests in the Amazon were cleared faster than ever before in the late 1970s through the mid 2000s. Vast areas of rainforest were felled for cattle pasture and soy farms, drowned for dams, dug up for minerals, and bulldozed for towns and colonization projects. At the same time, the proliferation of roads opened previously inaccessible forests to settlement by poor farmers, illegal logging, and land speculators.



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