To  identify the alternative methods of obtaining economic income, of avoiding the destruction of the national park Yasuni. The governments at present look for the way easiest to obtain money from the petroleum development in this case the yasuni one of the second bigger reservations of the country, one of the last moorlands of biodiversity of the world.

In what we must focus it is measurements that we must take so that yasuni is a free development area due to, that there is provided with an exuberant vegetation, the only sceneries, where they live the most varied and the only representative of the flora and fauna, as well as indigenous groups that want to preserve its culture, millennial tradition.

Yasuni additionally have more biodiverse areas of the Earth, “the studies speak about 150 amphibians species, 121 of reptiles, 598 birds species, between 169 (confirmed ones) and 204 (dears) of mammals, and in flora 2113 species have been identified and it is believed that they would exist about 3100 and group people indigenous as well as wao, the tagaeri and taromenane, are groups in voluntary isolation.” (Margot,2010, Finer, 2010,JENKS,2010, CISNEROS, 2010,McCraken,2010, Pickman,2010)

The alternative methods that so that the economy of the country without need for exploitation of petroleum, it seems to me that the lombricultura because it is very profitable, it would help to the economy of the country, you present yourself in individuals, especially to the conservation of the park, since it retrains and of that products are obtained for to the agriculture, it is unnaturally friendly with the nature, additionally I believe that it is a question of sustainable tourism that guarantees the harmony with the ambience and the conservation of the culture, apart from this he helps to generate income and employment.

The lombricultura is more important that is one accessible alternative for the government and people that is one activity of to breed a domestic worm (Eisenia foetida), is a work that more  many country to use, but few make for such a reason it is an advantage for the country, apart from this is it gives solution to the problems of contamination and turns the pollutant into a useful and marketable product. Besides the ecoturismos is other method  so as to the conservation yasuni which it is based a trip ambientalmente  responsible, to regions little disturbed to enjoy the natural way and the culture of the inhabitants of such a way, to promote so much the appreciation of the local natural and cultural wealths to be visited, what is more it reaches port the economic from Ecuadorian in especially the park national yasuni.




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